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 JAM Fitness Training

Creating Lifestyle of Fitness Designed for You

As a professional fitness trainer and triathlon coach, my passion is to lead people towards a healthier lifestyle through avenues of movement.  Everybody is unique, with their own abilities and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule, and fitness goals. Whether you see me face to face or virtually, I aim to create a program suited for your specific needs. 

This Is JAM Fitness Training


Services We Provide at JAM Fitness

Virtual Personal Trainer

Do you have weights or home gym or do have your favorite gym but not click with any of the personal trainers? Is your schedule sporadic and or live too far from my studio? Maybe you just want someone to tell you what to do on your own time. I have designed a unique virtual program so you can have everything planned out for you. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket!  You get exact workouts, duration and video demonstrations all to guide you everyday of the week and I even share how to take a day off for recovery.  Schedule a free consult to see if this is a fit for you! 

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Personal trainer working exercise with senior woman in the gym. Woman lift weight. Workout

 Studio Private Strength Training Sessions

Are you not excited about joining the typical box gym but know how important it is to strength train?   Have you started to notice changes in your body composition or are your energy levels not like they use to be? As a Certified Menopause Specialist, I design personal training programs especially for the aging woman. While going through the biological change, we can still lift weights and participate in cardiovascular activities, however we still need to obtain this differently than when we were younger in order to achieve the outcome we desire. I share with my clients strength training has to be a requirement as we go through peri/menopause and post menopause in order to stay healthy and fit.  My studio is private and the focus is on you. Contact me for a free consultation! 

Running or Triathlon Coaching

Having a hard time putting together a training plan that fits your hectic schedule? Want to participate in marathon or triathlon and still have time for work and family? As a certified endurance coach, I have created a system for the age grouper who is extremely busy. As a coach, I provide exactly what you need to get to the finish line. My plan will guide you so you do not get burned out! 


Client Testimonials

Jenny has helped me work toward my goals and has inspired me to be a better athlete. She has taught me to listen to my body and that rest is not a bad thing. 
Her integrity and drive pushes me to reach my goals.


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