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Coaching & Training Services

Whether you're equipped with weights at home, have a personal favorite gym but haven't found the right personal trainer connection, or find your schedule too sporadic, I'm here for you.


Perhaps the traditional box gym doesn't quite spark your enthusiasm, yet you understand the significance of strength training. If you've been observing shifts in your body composition or a dip in energy levels, let's address it together.

Crafting a training plan amidst your busy schedule proving to be a challenge? Dreaming of tackling a marathon or triathlon while balancing work and family commitments? It's all possible.


Learn more about pricing and let's chat in a free consultation to explore if this personalized approach aligns with your fitness goals. 

Virtual Personal

It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket!  Unique virtual program where everything is planned out for you.  You get exact workouts, duration and video demonstrations all to guide you everyday of the week -- even instructions on how to take a day off for recovery. 

Running or Triathlon Coaching

As a certified endurance coach, I have created a system for the age grouper who is extremely busy. As a coach, I provide exactly what you need to get to the finish line. My plan will guide you so you do not get burned out! 

Studio Private Strength Training

In my studio you will experience the privacy and focus needed to help you reach your goals. All the equipment you will need is at our fingertips. Together we will implement a plan that works for you.

Menopause Fitness Training

Personal training programs especially for the aging woman -- from weights to cardiovascular activities -- all tailored to achieve the outcome we desire through exercise, movement, and nutrition.

It's an Investment in YOU!

Services are priced by the hour, by a number of sessions, or as a custom package. 

Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Send me an email and I'll follow up to set up an initial conversation.

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